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How to Organise a Johannesburg Event in 24 Hours

Having 24 hours to organise an event in any city is most certainly not ideal. Organising one in Johannesburg however may be a bit easier than most. Johannesburg is known for its fast pace and quick turn-around time and most suppliers are willing to help out, making it perfect for any last minute event organiser. If you have been tasked with this responsibility you may be interested in reading our handy guide below of how you can organise a Johannesburg event in 24 hours.

Organise your event

1. Write down anything you need printed or produced that may need a long lead time and action these as soon as possible
Products to consider include event wristbands, promotional posters and flyers, marketing material and invitations. Whether you can get these ready in 24 hours is up to the suppliers and your powers of persuasion. An important aspect is to organise event wristbands for your event. It’s probably a good idea to choose an event wristband supplier in Johannesburg so that you will receive your stock quickly. Security is of utmost importance at any event, therefore arranging your event wristbands to be ready in 24 hours is paramount. Most event wristband suppliers in Johannesburg are able to print and produce wristbands within 24 hours (for very simple designs) so it’s a good idea to get in touch with an event wristband supplier that is used to these tight deadlines. You will also need to organise marketing material to be designed and printed immediately. If you need invitations for your event use online invitations that can be emailed or whatsapped instead of having these designed and printed. This will be a huge time saver for getting out instant invites.

Here are a few supplier options:
• Event Wristbands in Johannesburg – IDCBand +2711 675 5548 or www.idcband.co.za
• Design and Print – 24 Hours Printing: 011 440 1206 or 011-025-0118
• Design – Collective Creative: 084 329 3553
• Promotional Items – IDCBand +2711 675 5548 or www.idcband.co.za 


2. Book your venue
There may not be too many venues available within such a short space of time, however if your event is during the week you may have a bit more luck. Narrow your search down to one particular area that is most viable for your event. Elements to consider include parking space available, proximity to city centre, proximity to transport routes as well as capacity and cost. A major time saver will be choosing a venue that has an all-inclusive set up. Most Johannesburg venues are used to turn an event around in 24 hours and will have the skills and experience to do this. Check whether they offer tables, chairs, cutlery, crockery, decorations etc. The more they can arrange for you in a short space of time, the better.

Here are a few venue options:
Large Events
TicketPro Dome, Northriding – 011 794-5800
Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand – 011 266 3000
Emperors Palace Casino, Kempton Park – 011 928 1000
Medium Events
Birchwood Hotel and Conference Centre, Benoni – 011 897-0000
Sandton Convention Centre, Sandton – 011 779 0000
The Indaba Hotel, Fourways – 011 840 6600
Smaller Events
Buitengeluk Restaurant, Broadacres – 011 540 1556/ 1548
The Forum, White Light, Lanseria – 011 575 3888 (can also host larger events)
The Forum, Turbine Hall, Newtown -011 492 3888


3. Catering
Depending on what type of event you are hosting, you may need food and beverages available. The easiest and quickest solution is to hire mobile take away vans that can be parked outside or in your venue. These companies specialise in cooking food onsite and will be used to the catering and set up required.

Here are a few mobile catering options:
1st HotDog Co – 011 054 0995
Long Tom Foods – 011 783 0057 or 011 783 6046
The Balkan Burger Bus – 083 451 6000 or 083 461 9444
Tutto Food Co – 079 699 5821 or 073 492 3884
Vuyo’s – 011 786 5401


4. Market your event
Organising and marketing an event in 24 hours is quite a heavy task, however there are means and ways to attract as many people as possible to your event in a short space of time if you are creative. Possibly the quickest and easiest way to market your event is through social media. Event calendars on Facebook and posts on Twitter and Google Plus will ensure you reach a broader audience.

As we’ve said before, organising an event in 24 hours is no easy task. However there are suppliers who will be able to help you and it’s important to find and get in touch with these willing to work on such tight deadlines.

Have a read through our useful Wristband Buying Guide to help you choose an event wristband type that can be turned around quickly.

For 24 hour event wristbands in Johannesburg, tyvek wristbands, silicone wristbands, access control wristbands and more contact IDCBand today.