Feb 09

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Wristbands Johannesburg

Multiple Applications for Affordable, High-quality Wristbands in Johannesburg

At a basic level, the applications for wristbands, whether in Johannesburg or elsewhere in South Africa, can be considered as positioning these items in either of two categories. There are, however, also a variety of situations in which some degree of overlap occurs and both types of applications may be undertaken simultaneously with just a single product. The initial broad division separates these devices primarily on the basis of their relative durability as being best suited for applications related to security control or, alternatively, for use in the capacity of an inexpensive yet highly effective marketing or advertising medium. In all instances, the use of these simple bracelet-like devices has now become widespread and continues to increase.

When employed for security purposes, these wristbands are typically used in Johannesburg as a more secure alternative to the conventional admission tickets that may be readily counterfeited or loaned to others at will.  You are likely to find them in common use at a variety of large-scale events, such as music concerts and trade fairs, where implementing effective, secure entry and exit protocols can often present the organisers with something of a challenge. To be effective, the product needs to be made from tough materials and assembled in such a manner that it cannot be removed or tampered with, without leaving clearly visible tell-tale signs that serve to reveal such an attempt.

For this type of use, the wristbands issued for events in Johannesburg and other South African cities will need to be manufactured using one of the more durable modern synthetics, such as PVC or the newer, flash-spun, high-density polyethylene fibre developed by DuPont and branded as Tyvek. Despite being light in weight, this material will not stretch and resists all attempts to tear it. It can only be cut using scissors or a knife. It is also non-flammable and resistant to chemical agents.

Available in a wide range of either plain or striped colours, it may be indelibly printed with serial numbers, dates or other text. This combination of properties has served to make Tyvek the most popular material from which to manufacture the security wristbands employed at many of the most prestigious events in the Johannesburg calendar.

By contrast, when they are to be used for marketing or advertising purposes, these items are not required to be tamperproof. As a result, the manufacturers have far greater freedom of choice when selecting the raw materials and developing innovative designs for their products. Whether the objective may be to promote a brand, to create some hype around a new product or to reflect the support of a sponsor, these devices offer companies an inexpensive yet surprisingly effective medium with which to do so.

Silicone bands may be solid and stretched in order to circle the wrist, while the felt-lined, PVC coated slapper wristbands simply curl into position on impact. Other designs may make use of press studs to attach them more securely. In all cases, colourful surfaces and images serve to deliver a highly visible message throughout the occasion for which they are issued.

At IDCBand, we offer companies a wide range of colours, materials and designs from which to select the ideal wristbands for use in security or promotional applications in Johannesburg.