Jun 30

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The Secret Meaning of Wristbands

A lifetime of memories all on the wrist


For the ardent concert-goer, standing in that unending queue to see your latest favourite band means more than just getting through the security check or excitement of rocking out to some groovy tunes. This is where you find out what wristbands will adorn your wrist for the next few days, dominate your topic of conversation and set you apart from the dullards who sat at home watching the telly instead.

concert wristband at night

Glitter wristbands at night

It’s at this point that the attendee remembers the golden wristband rule: don’t make the wristband too tight. Because, once it’s on, it’s not coming off, and nobody wants their concert ruined by an unyielding wristband. If it’s too loose, it’s not great, but the wearer can survive, just don’t go the other way.

The Wristband Thrill

As the queue moves at a painstakingly slow rate closer to that ticket collector, the mystery of what wristband you will be getting begins to unfold. Will it be the tough Tyvek wristband that seems so easy to rip off but is deceptively strong? Or is it the vibrant vinyl wristband with its somewhat confusing clasp mechanism that always requires assistance? Could it be the fancier fabric wristband that few of us have had the privilege of wearing with pride?

There is always the possibility of this one being the elusive LED wristband which illuminates the crowd for fantastic DVD coverage and even goes so far as to save lives. This was discovered by some of Taylor Swift’s admirers following a recent concert. Three fans were involved in a car accident and found themselves trapped. With their phone batteries dead, they luckily managed to receive help by flagging down passing cars with their flashing wristbands. Read more about this in 3 Event Wristband uses you hadn’t thought of.

These xylobands – which have been used at Coldplay concerts – are so advanced that they are actually activated by a radio signal creating an impressive visual spectacle that unites, not only the crowd, but the crowd with the artist on stage.

A Symbol of Freedom

So what is it about these somewhat simple adornments that every festival-lover has come to know so well? What prompts those die-hard rockers to wear their wristbands for weeks, months or even years after the event has passed making passers-by question the wearer’s hygiene with a secret amount of envy?

Well, the truth is, these little bands are an emblem that unite music-lovers across the globe. They provide a form of street cred that is unquestioned. They let the world know that, despite the fact that you’re sitting on a bus, train or in your car heading to your 9 to 5, there is another side to you that is actually quite adventurous. The real you.

And even for those who don’t wear them post-event, many are hard-pressed to discard the symbol of spiritual freedom once they have been cut boldly from the wrist. They find new homes on the fridge, hung across mirrors and slowly but surely, a multi-coloured collection unfolds. I still look fondly at my fabric Mumford & Son band dangling from my fridge, reminiscing about the time Marcus Mumford stepped down from the stage and into the crowd, grabbing my hand. Well not quite, but it’s my happy wristband story anyway.

For more information on choosing which wristband is best suited to your event, have a read through our useful Wristband Buying Guide.

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