May 30

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Wristbands vs Lanyards Showdown

It is a hands down victory for wristbands when it comes to access control at shorter events such as concerts and festivals. However who wins the battle between wristbands and lanyards in other areas such as durability, brandability or comfort?

We match up the two in an epic battle and see who defeats the odds to become champion. In the WRISTBAND versus LANYARD showdown.


1. Durability

Durability is most certainly a feature where both are incredibly strong. Wristbands are tamper proof, durable and water proof. Lanyards are also incredibly durable and depending on which cord is used, they can last for many years. Durability is most certainly an area where both the wristband and lanyard win points.

Wristband 1, Lanyard 1

2. Security

If you’re hosting an event that needs a high level of security and where duplication is a serious threat, then the wristband is definitely the better choice. Although Lanyards offer a visible form of access control, it is very easy to swap lanyards from one person to another. They are therefore better suited to events where access control doesn’t need to be highly regulated. The wristband therefore wins on security.

Wristband 2, Lanyard 1

3. Brandability

There are many types of lanyards available from thin cords to thick cords to flat polyester lanyards. Depending on which one you choose, you will be able to add branding very successfully to the Lanyard. The best for branding purposes is the flat polyester lanyard which has a larger surface area to brand. What is an additional benefit with a lanyard is that you can attach ID Cards, images and laminates to the lanyard which will allow for even more branding opportunity. A Lanyard is also usually worn around the neck which offers more visibility to the general consumer as it is at eye level.

Wristbands also offer a great platform for branding, especially Tyvek wristbands which allow for multiple colour and pattern opportunities. The only negative with branding a wristband is that they are worn around the wrist and therefore may not be as visible as the Lanyard.

Wristband 2, Lanyard 2

4. Comfort

Comfort is an important factor when it comes to longer events. The lanyard can be taken off at any time and therefore that in its own right is a plus for comfort. On the flip side however it offers no security as it can be passed from one person to the other. Wristbands on the other hand offer a high level of access control and once on the wrist, cannot be removed. Fabric wristbands are probably more comfortable that vinyl or Tyvek wristbands but as long as these two are not placed on the wrist too tightly are very comfortable and easy to wear.

Wristband 3, Lanyard 2

and the winner is……

So it seems that the WRISTBAND is the overall champion, winning 3 out of the 5 factors. Wristbands are most certainly the best option for security access control at events!

For more information on choosing which wristband is best suited to your event, have a read through our useful Wristband Buying Guide.

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