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Risks of not using wristbands for your event

Durability, versatility and overall attractiveness are just some of the reasons wristbands are becoming the first event-access option for many companies when planning an event. However, if you’re considering looking at alternatives on the market, here are a few of the risks associated with that move.

Wristbands for your event

1. Endless queues

Admission tickets are perfectly acceptable for events, but they are so often misplaced, can be torn, crumpled or smudged. This results in slower moving entry and exit which means queues of unhappy guests all posting their disgruntled messages on social media. Tickets also require proof of age or identity for backstage or VIP access which further delays the entire process. Wristbands, however, can be clearly colour co-ordinated to differentiate ages and area access and a simple flash of the wristband is much quicker than security members having to analyse individual tickets.

2. Lack of management

The bigger the event, the more management required and this is where wristbands are a game changer. Management of area access, such as regular, backstage, VIP, media – as well as age distinctions. Single or multiple pass can all be easily demarcated through the colour coding of wristbands. When security is required to check various categories on a ticket, in addition to the long queues, the pressure to let people in quickly means that vital information will be overlooked. This might lead to bigger problems such as underage children gaining access to alcohol. The use of text, images and barcodes on wristbands allows for further identification and even better event management.
Incorporating wristbands into child-related events such as school outings or camps can prove invaluable, even lifesaving. Wristbands can be marked with numbers to ensure no child goes missing and anyone with allergies can be easily identified.

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3. Illegal access

All event planners aim for a successfully-run event and a major part of this is ensuring nobody accesses the event illegally. Unfortunately, tickets can be duplicated or simply passed through a fence and stamps can be shared among friends. Wristbands, however, are tamper free and can only be removed once. This means that once a legitimate event-goer is in, they alone have access.

wristbands for security

4. Weather hindrances

A big factor when planning an event is considering the weather and, although it can’t be controlled, factors surrounding the event can be. One such factor is access. Rain can prove a particular enemy to tickets and stamps, forcing event organisers to re-print, re-stamp or allow access to potentially illegal entrants. Wristbands, such as Tyvek, are waterproof and will retain all necessary information despite the weather. These are also particularly useful for events extending over a few days.

5. Re-entry issues

Often, as soon as people access an event area, they either throw away or misplace their tickets which can be particularly problematic if they hope to re-enter the venue. There is also the concern of attendees taking a friend’s ticket from inside the venue and passing it on to someone outside the venue on re-entry. Wristbands eliminate this concern entirely, also freeing up security personnel for other event management areas.

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6. Multiple days means multiple prints

Festivals that extend over a few days are accompanied by a number of event management issues and pitfalls, particularly when it comes to access and re-entry. Multiple-day pass tickets are so easily lost on the first day, they can become wet, dirty or just worn to the point of illegibility. Then there is the issue of people with multiple-day passes simply handing over their tickets to day-pass ticketholders, effectively losing the event a lot of money. Through colour, font, size and imagery, wristbands can be categorised for different pass types and easily recognised by security. Likewise, it’s easy to identify anyone not wearing a wristband as an illegal entrant. Once the wristband is on, the festival-goer doesn’t have to concern him or herself about misplaced tickets – making the event infinitely more enjoyable, and the event organisers don’t have to worry about printing and re-printing hundreds of tickets.

To ensure your meticulously planned event runs smoothly by alleviating stress for security personnel, event-goers and yourself. Opt for one of the modern Tyvek, silicone, plastic or fabric wristbands for event access.

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