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10 Ways to Choose the Right Lanyard Supplier

Choosing a lanyard supplier can be a tedious process as the cost, reliability and quality of the end product is representative of you as an organisation. The use of lanyards as an effective marketing tool has been continuously proven but it’s important to make sure you select the right lanyard supplier for your event or promotion.

Lanyard Supplier

1. Check the track record
Any reputable organisation will be happy to supply you with their relevant background information. Request any case studies, photos or lanyard samples from previous events as well as references from clients who’ve used them for similar projects. Happy clients are generally willing to give references for their preferred lanyard suppliers, as long as the client has given permission for their details to be shared. Read more about Lanyards.

2. Query the turnaround time
Quality lanyards are essential but if they can’t be delivered on time then they’re no good to anybody. Get realistic time frames from your lanyard supplier for when lanyard stock can be supplied, but also make sure to give the supplier enough time for a big order.

3. Constant communication
Lanyard suppliers who are on top of their game will be in constant communication with their clients, providing regular updates as well as responding to queries timeously. Good communication will be evident from first contact, and it’s a good reflection of the level of service you can expect from the suppliers going forward.

4. Watch size constraints
Not every lanyard supplier can meet the quantity demand while maintaining the quality, so be sure that your event isn’t the biggest that the supplier has had to handle. You will quickly be able to assess whether they supplier is able to cope with the quantity required by their offhand knowledge of time restraints and pricing.

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5. Get specifics
Because of the inherently creative nature of the events’ world, concepts can often be quite vague so it’s important to get everything specifically outlined before any financial transactions happen. Get the lanyard supplier to list the items provided and quantity; a schedule of how and when they will deliver the lanyards; a sample lanyard or graphic of what you can expect as well as material samples.

6. Contingency plans
If the entire lanyard supply operation comes down to one person, make sure they have a contingency plan if s/he is unavailable for whatever reason. Also important is finding out who your person of contact is as it’s easier to deal with one person who is familiar with your order than explaining yourself to each new person. However, if said person is unavailable on the day, make sure you know where to turn. A well-run organisation will keep all customer details on a centralised system.

7. Meet face-to-face
Although this is difficult in our fast-paced world, a face-to-face meeting with your lanyard supplier – particularly for a big lanyard order – is highly recommended. It’s very easy for organisations to make big statements about their capabilities but it’s even easier to find out if they’re for real. An onsite meeting will quickly reveal staff efficiency and competence.

8. Check the versatility
Every company has limits, and you certainly don’t need someone who makes big promises and can’t deliver, but an organisation with very little range isn’t going to give you your ideal end result. Make sure the lanyard supplier can create specialised products that suit your specific need rather than something you’re only sort of happy with.

9. The Importance of discretion
Although customers should be able to assess sample products, many organisations might not want their designs shown without permission. Ask about the lanyard supplier’s policy on clients’ designs and event information. Some might even offer confidentiality agreements if so needed.

10. Keeping up with industry practices
In the world of lanyards there are constant improvements to technology and changing trends in aesthetics and design. Make sure the lanyard supplier you choose is innovative, using the latest available technology and keeping abreast of what works best for different events.

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