Jan 18

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Uses for Lanyards

Branded lanyards, security or promotional lanyards.


You may be surprised at the vast number of uses a lanyard actually has.

You will most probably come across them every day, sometimes people just don’t know what they are called. How else would you define a strap used to hold keys, access cards, pens and more around your neck? The term is actually an old navy term. A lanyard, in nautical terms, is a rope used to secure or raise and lower something such a flag on a flagpole or the shrouds and sails of a sailing ship.

Nowadays however, this very useful object is used in just about every workplace, hospital, prison, school and university. You will see them at concerts acting as security access control as well as exhibitions, trade shows, medical and security lanyards. These are just a few of the many examples of the uses for lanyards.

Today this product is made in a wide array of styles, sizes, materials and colours. They can be completely customized to fit the needs of your specifications, from standard branded fabric lanyard design to completely unique style and design. Read about the different types of Lanyards here.

Lanyards are not just for identification purposes

They can also be a form of showing your support for social issues around the world. An example might be a pink breast cancer awareness lanyard, a “support Green Peace”  or a Proudly South African lanyard.

Today, the lanyard business is thriving. Many companies continue to purchase this product for their employees or as corporate gifts to give to clients. Custom printed lanyards with company names, logos, symbols, or slogans, are relatively inexpensive, and therefore often a popular choice. They serve as an effective and convenient source of advertising when worn at exhibitions and concerts or given away for promotional purposes. They are popular for their practical uses. They hold objects in an easily accessible place, allowing the wearer to keep both hands free. They are also used for official purposes such as for government security and events.

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