Jan 21

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Wristbands for access control

As an event planner you will know controlling attendance has proven to be a key to successfully managing an event, we at IDCBand have ensured that we are your one stop access control shop.

Non-transferable wristbands are generally the best way to ensure access control is airtight at your events. With a variety of wristbands available this is a breeze.


There are three very different types of access control wristbands currently available:

Tyvek wristbands – Perfect for 1-3 day events. These paper like wristbands are made from a very high quality 100% high density polyethylene, this means not only are they easily recycledwith HDPE waste streams they are also water and tear resistant.

Tyvek are pre-serialised so monitoring numbers of patrons through your entrance is quick and efficient.We have 24 colours in stock currently ensuring you can distinguish between areas such as general public and VIP’s with ease. Printing only requires a 2-3 day turnaround time.

Tyvek access control seal with a tamper evident adhesive tab, thus ensuring not only easily recognisable tamper evidence but it also ensures the wristband will fit anyone from a premature baby to a rugby player.

Tyvek can easily be written on with anything from a ball point pen to a permanent marker; this is used at big public events where children are easily lost, the parents contact numbers can be written on the wristband ensuring the child can be returned to them safely.

Tyvek wristbands are the most cost effective of the access control wristband family, we keep millions in stock at all times, call or email us for a quote today.


Vinyl wristbands – perfect for a 1 day to 2 week event. These stylish wristbands offer additional security through a self-locking tamper evident clip that can be sealed to fit any age or size wrist.

Made from 3 layers of durable vinyl this product offers extra strength and durability. They are water and tear proof.

We offer a variety of shapes including the traditional hospital type shape, the sleek L shape and wavy wristbands speckled with glitter for the more exclusive events. Each shape has a variety of colours available.

These products are screen printed and require a working week for production.


Fabricbands – these wristbands are the Rolls-Royce of the access control wristband family. Polyester material is used with either a 1-8 colour weave of a full colour dye-sublimated print. The base colour is pantone matched to your brands specifications these wristbands serve as a continuous marketing material long after your event.

Aluminium rings that require crimping to close or a Barrel lock are used to make sure these products are the safest and most secure option for your event. UV print is available on these as an added security option as well as a brilliant visual if UV lighting is used at your event.

These wristbands can be serialised for ease of tracking numbers present at your event.