Feb 09

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Companies May Buy Lanyards for a Variety of Reasons

Among the reasons that motivate a company to buy lanyards, their use as a means to support its security solution will often be at the top of its list.  While this is certainly not the only application for these items, it definitely ranks among the purposes for which they are most commonly employed by businesses on their own premises.

Security continues to be a vital issue for both home and business owners and, in the latter category, few companies now operate without some form of access control. With the exception of the smaller operations, this will typically take the form of an electronic detection system, rather than relying upon supervision by a human guard alone. Such systems require activation by identity tags or cards, and have prompted companies to buy lanyards, often printed in their corporate colours, with which employees can attach these ID devices securely to their person, keeping them safe while simultaneously ensuring that they remain readily accessible.

In practice, the use of cords and straps to tether various pieces of equipment to the user for safekeeping has a long history. It is, however, one in which the said equipment was most often employed for purposes that were somewhat less benign than access control. The first written references to their use indicate that these tethers may have been introduced in 15th century France by military and naval personnel who employed them to secure items such as pistols and swords. It is not clear whether troops were required to buy lanyards, to make their own or were issued with them at no charge. Either way, they later became a permanent feature of uniforms among the armed forces of most countries and in many cases they are still to be seen today, although the wearing of such items is now largely intended to be symbolic rather than of providing any practical application.

Wherever there is a printable surface, there is an advertising opportunity. Well aware of the fact, marketing managers in South Africa and all across the globe have been quick to recognise the potential of these devices and to seize the opportunity to exploit it. Many are now choosing to buy lanyards, not just as a convenient means with which to secure their employees’ access tags, but also to employ these simple, low-cost products as an effective tool with which to promote their company’s brand and to deliver its sales message.

As part of their marketing strategy, many companies provide sponsorship in various forms. It may be to a school as part of its social responsibility programme or to a valued client as a token of appreciation. Typically, such campaigns take the form of support for a sporting event, such as a school rugby tournament or corporate golf day. Given their low cost, colourful appearance and long-term value to the wearer, many sponsors now choose to buy lanyards imprinted with their logo and contact details as a practical gift that also serves as a very effective means by which to promote their relationship with the beneficiaries and thus to strengthen loyalty to their brand.

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