May 20

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The Uses of Security Wristbands

The Nature of Security Wristbands and Their Possible Uses

Security wristbands, although now more widely used than in the past, are not actually a recent introduction. Perhaps their earliest use and one with which many of those who read this article are certain to be familiar with was by the nation’s hospitals and clinics. Establishing a patient’s identity beyond all doubt is a crucial factor in ensuring that he or she receives the correct treatment. Most people will be aware that there were many cases of tragic mix-ups in the days before labelling them securely with the aid of a tamperproof bracelet was adopted as a universal standard practice.

Today these formerly, simple security wristbands have undergone considerable evolution and, in some of the more efficient medical establishments, these bracelet-like structures now incorporate a microchip. The embedded chip offers a number of possibilities, including the ability to locate a patient and to maintain a record of his or her clinical notes that is readily accessible using a tablet or laptop. Access, of course, can be restricted exclusively to those nurses, doctors and other specialist personnel to whom the appropriate permission has been granted.

By contrast, in the vast majority of those situations in which there may be a need to step up security and where wristbands may be the preferred choice, such a high level of sophistication is unlikely to be necessary. One use that can also be of benefit to the health and safety of the wearer employs technology to aid in the prevention of skin cancer. These special bracelets contain a substance with the ability to change colour upon exposure to levels of ultraviolet light that are seen as potentially dangerous and so can alert the wearer regarding the risk of continued exposure.

In other instances, the potential risk is not actually to the wearer but, instead, threatens the organisation responsible for issuing it. In addition, the issue of security wristbands in such cases is intended as a means by which to limit the possibility of fraud rather than to act as a health and safety measure. Their use for occasions such as outdoor concerts, major sporting events and trade exhibitions is growing steadily. In this capacity they are replacing the use of the traditional admission tickets that, in the past, have been easy to forge, as well as to exchange covertly to allow others to gain free entrance.

By using a tamperproof bracelet in their place the twin risks posed by counterfeiting and the fraudulent exchange of tickets are eliminated. Furthermore, the savings that can result from the use of security wristbands rather than paper tickets can more than compensate for the initially higher though still quite modest outlay and, in any case, this may be fully covered with just a modest adjustment to the price of admission.

Apart from formal events, these bands are gaining popularity among the organisers of bachelor and hen parties where gatherings can often be quite large and its members not known to everyone. In the case, the bands identify those who have made their agreed contribution to the group kitty and are therefore entitled to enjoy its spoils.

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