May 20

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Buy Silicone Wristbands

Why and Where To Buy Silicone Wristbands in South Africa

The opportunity to buy silicone wristbands is one that has been presenting itself more and more often during recent years. As a member of the general public, it is very likely that, if you have not already been exposed on the street or at a store counter to some organisation inviting you to purchase one in support of its charitable cause, you soon will be.

This is a practice that first launched itself on the road to becoming viral back in 2004, pre-dating the application of this now popular term to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook posts. Prior to his fall from grace, the campaign launched by the former Lance Armstrong Foundation prompted millions to buy silicone wristbands in support of cancer victims and, to date the worldwide sales of these surprisingly plain-looking yellow bracelets have contributed in excess of $80 million to the funding of this very worthy cause. Needless to say, other charitable organisations have been quick to follow the example of the organisation that has since re-launched itself as the Livestrong Foundation.

Often referred to as awareness bracelets, when used for charitable purposes, and are often worn for extended periods as a means to denote solidarity with those suffering from conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Autism and Asperger’s or to declare opposition to racism, child abuse and similar practices. Not only are people happy to buy silicone wristbands for such purposes but there is now a growing community of people who regard them as collectibles, purchasing, selling and exchanging them online. In addition they are gaining popularity as fashion or inexpensive jewellery items, especially among the young who perceive them not merely as affordable, but also as trendy.

They have also become a means by which an individual may display his or her membership of a particular group, such as a ten-pin bowling team, a book club or similar organisation while they have also being purchased for use as party favours at children’s birthday parties and the like.

However, those who now buy the majority of silicone wristbands in most countries are neither their individual private citizens nor their charities, but their companies. Widely perceived as a highly cost-effective medium for advertising products and services and to create brand awareness, many marketing managers now favour them as the free handout of choice at trade exhibitions and sponsored events. Here marketers can spread their particular message to a highly targeted population which, in turn, is likely to continue to propagate it long after leaving the event and so extending the active lifespan and reach of these, albeit quite simple and inexpensive, promotional items.

When in search of an effective promotional medium, more companies now choose to buy silicone wristbands than ever before. They are colourful, eye-catching and versatile, and offer the choice of double-sided screen printing, embossed or debossed print and the option of adding a colour fill to the latter style. In addition, they are normally available in a range of sizes which means they are suitable for both adult and child use where this may be a requirement.

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