Aug 24

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Everything you need to know about promotional wristbands

Wristbands have become the leading choice of equipment for event organisers. There’s the tamper-proof Tyvek, fabric or vinyl for event access, while silicone promotional wristbands continue to dominate as a far-reaching marketing tool. Here’s a look at promotional wristbands and their many uses.

What’s a promotional wristband?

These are constructed in silicone, they’re 100% waterproof and can be printed in any range and combination of colours. You can also choose to print messaging on the silicone, in either debossed (engraved) print, or embossed (raised) print. They’re also available in glow-in-the dark colours, UV colour-changing and even customised shaping.

What are the uses of promotional wristbands?

It’s highly unlikely that you’ve not come across promotional wristbands in one form or another, but here’s a look at the many uses of this flexible product.

Charity fundraisers

Silicone wristbands have long been used to promote various charities or causes, with the purchase of each wristband contributing funds towards the allocated non-profit organisation. The yellow ‘Livestrong’ wristband was the first to gain significant reach, with sports stars and celebrities donning the wristband and raising millions for those impacted by cancer. Other examples include Breast Cancer Awareness, Save the Rhino, Save the Earth and Autism Awareness, all of which have a set of identifying colours and contact information for extensive reach.

Business marketing

Silicone wristbands are also used to promote organisations, creating brand and campaign awareness. These promotional wristbands are a great addition to gift bags for exhibitions and conferences, as well as corporate gifts for end-of-year. Promotional wristbands also come with a USB clasp, making them the ideal promotional wristband for media events, with the USB including necessary product launch or company information.


Silicone wristbands can be either printed on or even written on with permanent marker, making them a great option for school outings, hospitals, corporate events, tour groups and even festivals. However, because these promotional wristbands can be removed, they are not necessarily the best choice for access control.

What are the benefits of promotional wristbands?

In addition to their many uses, promotional wristbands come with a host of great features that make them a first-choice for businesses and charities across the board.

They’re incredibly durable

Of all the wristband types, promotional wristbands are the most durable. Constructed from the incredibly hard-wearing silicone, these wristbands don’t require clasps, and they’re also weather resistant with colours remaining vibrant. For sports events, such as charity runs and bike rides, silicone won’t suffer from fading, wear or tear.

They’re on trend

More than just a promotional item, silicone wristbands are considered trendy accessories worn across all ages. This makes it more likely that the silicone wristbands will be re-worn, even after the event, thereby extending your brand or messaging reach.

They’re easily identifiable

Promotional wristbands can be printed in bright colours which are easy to spot from afar. For an event that requires age categorisation, VIP sections, food or drink restrictions, or other demarcations, silicone wristbands are a great solution as they different colours can denote different sections.

They speed up operations

For large-scale events, waiting in queues can be frustrating for both the attendees and organisers. With colour co-ordinated silicone wristbands, the queuing process can be expedited, with barcodes actually printed on the wristband to increase the streamlining.

They’re great souvenirs

Promotional wristbands are a fantastic souvenir for guests to take home. As mentioned, because they’re on-trend, they’re more likely to be worn again and again. IDC Band provides a wide range of promotional wristbands that can be customised to a specific organisation and event. Because the team consists of industry specialists, they’re ready to provide useful insight and advice to guide you in your selection, ensuring it aligns with your budget.