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Vinyl vs. Silicone wristbands: what to choose

From events and promotions to identification in medical emergencies, wristbands of varying materials and qualities have an array of important and everyday uses.

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Vinyl and silicone wristbands, in particular, are growing in popularity because of their durability, cost-effectiveness and comfort. However, there are several differences in design that make silicone better for certain events while vinyl would be your first choice for others.

Vinyl and silicone wristbands

One thing both wristbands have in common is the COMFORT factor. The flexible vinyl and soft silicone can easily be worn for an extended period without causing any level of discomfort. They are also both extremely durable, withstanding water and the various elements without damage to the actual wristband.


However, because of the tamper-proof clip that is a trademark vinyl security feature, these can only be used for once-off occasions, making them perfect for situations where removing the wristband renders it useless. For more enhanced security features, this specific wristband is perfect for 2 day events as some vinyl come with a dual lock feature.

Unique designs, edges shaped into interesting patterns (koolbands), glitterbands and the unending array of available colours make vinyl wristbands stand out while also increasing the difficulty of duplication. Branding turnaround time is anything from five days to a full week, depending on the design challenges. Make sure you order your batch on time.

Deviating a bit from the use of vinyl in events; the enhanced security features and ability to display information for an extended period of time make them the perfect solution for hospital admissions. Colour coding allows medical staff to quickly identify any medical conditions when it’s crucial to, while patient information can be easily displayed.

The manufacturing of vinyl wristbands is quality centred, ensuring large-scale events such as concerts and festivals benefit from using them for event access control. They can be ordered in bulk, in various colours with event information imprinted quite visibly. Vinyl wristbands are particularly useful for events that last a few days as they will remain in perfect condition for up to two weeks, despite extensive wear.

This durability has also seen vinyl wristbands growing in popularity at places such as water, recreation and theme parks where they are worn for an entire day while enduring severe friction and submersion. The individual perforations also allow adjustment for any size wrist from toddlers to adults.

Silicone wristbands

Where vinyl can only be used for once-off events, silicone is the perfect solution for repeat wear for years. This feature, among others, has made them a powerful promotional product in any market. They are small, light and inexpensive. These can be customised using any colour, shade, graphics or text, all of which will be retained despite repeat use. Embossing (raised text or imagery), debossing (imprinted) or colour fill for either serves to further enhance the aesthetics. In addition, they have become popular fashion accessories the world over with people of all ages opting to wear them as they appeal to the masses without losing their creative attraction.

Start-up companies or organisations looking to spread any company message or information can do so using silicone wristbands, which can be distributed with marketing ‘gift packs’. These can be given as year-end gifts or handed out at secondary or tertiary institutions, depending on the target market.

Along with social media, silicone wristbands are a must for any campaign. Candidates can order large numbers of wristbands in campaign colours with the slogan printed in bold for maximum voter impact.

Many charity organisations or non-profit organisations also use silicone to get the underlying appeal out to the masses or to represent some form of silent protest. In addition to spreading awareness, the funds raised from the sale of each silicone wristband goes towards the cause.

Although not necessarily ideal for access control as they can be removed and exchanged, silicone wristbands are extremely popular as crowd giveaways. Because of the soft, lightweight material, they can easily be thrown into a crowd and, for evening events, glow-in-the-dark products make for an impressive luminescent display.

For anyone with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes or even severe allergies, silicone wristbands can be specially designed to include the individual’s personal medical details and emergency information, potentially saving lives.

For people looking to show solidarity in friendship circles, silicone can be personalised and even gifted for that special someone.

Whether you opt for vinyl or silicone wristbands, you can be assured that you have selected a quality product that can be comfortably worn in all circumstances.

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