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Best Wristbands for Corporate Events

When it comes to corporate hospitality, the trick is to create a congenial environment that encourages a real sense of camaraderie while also creating a space that promotes your business objectives. Essentially, you want people to feel comfortable but there also needs to be some form of control over the event. Event wristbands for corporate events have proved enormously useful when it comes to both event access control, as well as marketing tools for corporate hospitality events. Here are some of the best corporate event wristbands to consider.

Corporate Event wristbands

Event Access

Many corporate events will take place at public venues which are hosting other organisations or individuals. Horseracing, rugby or cricket matches and golf courses are popular, but they could also be located at resorts or hotels. Wherever the venue, the guests are going to need to be easily identified and offered uninhibited access to certain areas and amenities. When it comes to corporate hospitality events, guests need to feel like VIPs! This is where event wristbands are ideal. For one-day events, the Tyvek corporate wristband is a great option, whereas for longer events then the more durable vinyl corporate wristband is preferred. These can be printed in various colours with event logos and insignia imprinted on them so each guest can be quickly identified and treated like royalty. The tamper-proof clasp means the guests won’t lose the wristband and there is no chance of unauthorised access.

corporate event wristband


At the heart of corporate hospitality events is the marketing of a particular organisation or product. So, why not combine the functional aspect of corporate event wristbands with some clever marketing techniques? The silicone wristband continues to prove a popular marketing tool, easily removed and comfortable to wear. The vibrant colours can be matched to the organisation’s particular colour tones, with contact information such as websites and social media handles printed visibly on the wristband. They can also be re-worn after the hospitality event, further extending the marketing footprint. A step up is the clever USB silicone wristband whereby the ‘clasp’ of the wristband is a USB device. This can store more marketing material and usable information for guests to check at their leisure.


Certain corporate hospitality events include an element of teambuilding – be it active outdoor events or even fun, social teambuilding such as pop quizzes. As a way to unify the various teams, often consisting of individuals who are meeting for the first time, colour-coded Tyvek or vinyl corporate wristbands are a fantastic solution. The team name can even be written directly onto the wristband using markers. This helps create a group bond and is an easy way for organisers to identify the various team members.

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Corporate charities

When it comes to corporate hospitality events that have a charitable drive, then the fabric wristband is quite a classy option for access control. The wristband is durable and tamper-proof, with the material allowing for a more unique printing style that communicates a more classic, high-end message. Once again silicone wristbands are incredibly popular at these sort of corporate hospitality events as they convey the charitable message directly on the wristband and can be shared or even purchased.

There is a corporate wristband to suit every type of corporate event, it’s just vital that you work with a supplier that has experience in the field. Always consider the underlying corporate message you are trying to convey when deciding on a wristband type, and make sure you get your orders in early to avoid any hassle.

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