Mar 12

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Wristbands for Promotions

Wristbands Offer an Effective and Inexpensive Promotions Option

The effectiveness of wristbands in driving promotions is well proven. There can be little doubt that the most convincing demonstration of that effectiveness ever witnessed has been their use in the iconic worldwide campaign launched in 2004 on behalf of the, then, Lance Armstrong Foundation. While the veteran cyclist and founder himself may have proved to be a disappointment, the campaign most certainly was not. A bright yellow, silicone bracelet inspired no less than 80 million charitable individuals to purchase one in support of cancer victims and of research into its cure.

Today, more than ten years later, that power is still undiminished and whether in support of charitable or commercial activities, the use of wristbands in all manner of promotions has become widespread. There are several good reasons why businesses are turning to these somewhat unsophisticated, yet highly effective devices. Chief among them is, more often than not, that their minimal cost makes a large scale campaign a more economical option than most other marketing media. The result is that, for charities, they offer the ability to realise a realistic profit margin with which to further their particular cause while, in the case of a commercial campaign, they offer marketers the option of a very affordable giveaway.

Equally significant is the fact that, with just a little imagination, it is possible to design wristbands that have the potential to extend your promotions for quite long periods as well as to see them displayed over a wide area.  These colourful bracelets, especially those fashioned from soft silicone, have, over the years, assumed the status of a popular fashion accessory. Naturally, then, the more eye-catching their design, the more exposure these bands are likely to receive whether at home, at school, on public transport or in the wearer’s place of work.

While their decorative nature can often be enough to encourage the wearer to retain them, there is also much to be said for ensuring that any wristbands you elect to use in your promotions also a have a practical application.  Two very good examples of the latter are those designed to act as sweatbands and that are favoured by various sportsmen and women, and the strap-like variety that serves to secure a mobile phone or other small item to the wrist.

A logo or a payoff line printed on either of these items will offer the guarantee of long term exposure for your brand or for your cause and are an ideal choice of giveaway when in search of a cost-effective community marketing exercise. For a smaller, more targeted campaign, though perhaps costing a little more, wristbands that double as a handy USB connecting strap could lend your promotions a hi-tech touch while also fulfilling a practical role for the wearer.

Other less practical, but equally eye-catching bands, offer a choice of fastenings. The slapperband variety is popular as are those employing popper studs, known as impact bands, to secure them and the flexible silicone bands that are simply stretched into place. Unique in their fascination however, are the innovative lenticular variety that offer advertisers a portable screen on which to display a 3D animation.

IDCBand offers marketers these awesome new products together with all popular forms of wristband to ensure the success of their promotions.