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Wristbands for Events from IDCBand

Wristbands for Events Provide Better Security than Conventional Ticketing

The use of wristbands for events is steadily replacing the long-standing practice of issuing admission tickets to attendees. This new approach to access control has been welcomed by the organisers of music festivals, sporting fixtures and trade exhibitions, as well as nightclub owners, to name just a few, and it offers them a number of distinct advantages.

The prime purposes of an admission ticket are, of course, to act as proof of payment by the patron and to prevent illegal access. Since they are seldom retained, most organisers are also required to institute some means to control pass-outs such as applying an indelible stamp to the back of the hand. Wristbands for events have the advantage of being worn by the attendee and, as they are not easily removed, this allows them to be used both for admission and as a pass-out.

Ticket forgery is a world-wide phenomenon and costs organisers millions in lost revenue every year. Reproducing them is a simple and inexpensive option for the fraudster but, although it is also possible to create counterfeit bracelets, the cost is higher and creating authentic-looking fakes is difficult without a detailed knowledge of the original design. For this reason organisers are advised to avoid plain coloured units and, instead, to make extensive use of text and branding when designing wristbands for events.

Clearly, once fitted, these bracelets should not be easily removed as this would allow them to be passed to others and used to gain entry without payment. The combination of tough material and a suitable tamper-proof fastening used in their construction serves to ensure that any attempt to remove them will result in visible damage that renders them unsuitable for re-use.

Waterproof and tear resistant fabric bands, crimped in position with an aluminium ring or clamped with a one-way barrel lock, provide excellent security and may be printed with full colour designs of photographic quality. However, equally durable and a popular choice for use as secure access control wristbands for events; the Tyvek bracelet is a more economical alternative. Made from high density polyethylene, they are pre-serialised and sealed by means of a tamperproof adhesive tab and are the perfect choice for multiple-day events. When it’s all over, they are also recyclable. The simple but effective design makes Tyvek bands quick to produce and this will normally result in a short lead time that could make them the ideal option when faced with a last minute emergency.

IDCBand is a leading supplier of these items in South Africa and we offer one of the most extensive selections of temporary security bracelets available locally. We have been providing wristbands for events both in South Africa and across the world for 20 years and have earned the status of a preferred supplier to many of the industry’s leading organisers.

We are happy to collaborate with clients in creating their designs but also offer a simple, user-friendly online facility that enables them to design and submit their own creations if desired. These simple items, whether in fabric, Tyvek or vinyl also provide an ideal medium for advertising and promotions, making them doubly cost effective and providing an opportunity to recoup their cost. When next you’re planning wristbands for events, think IDCBand!