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Silicone Wristbands Johannesburg

Silicone Wristbands Offer a Powerful Promotional Medium for Johannesburg Businesses

Silicone wristbands have become an increasingly common sight in Johannesburg and major cities across the world. These simple and inexpensive items have, in just a few short years, sparked a new fashion craze that has spread like wildfire among the youth in most countries. The craze has even seen the emergence of individuals who now make a hobby out of collecting them. One can now see large numbers of these bands changing hands regularly on eBay and, in the case of some of the rarer items, they can often attract some pretty impressive sums from those eager to add them to their collection.

Some silicone wristbands have managed to achieve iconic status. Of these, with sales of 80 million, the yellow bracelets of the Livestrong Foundation sold in support of cancer victims and research was the one to open the floodgates. In its wake, others such as the blue and white tsunami victims band, the black and white Nike anti-racism band, purple bands worn to protest domestic violence and the orange “Calm the Storm” bands issued in support of epilepsy sufferers are just a few of those now in demand by collectors.

That said, despite their original usage, the role of these colourful silicone wristbands is no longer restricted to charitable activities in Johannesburg or anywhere else. Today, these awareness bracelets are also widely used by companies as an effective means by which to draw the attention of consumers to their brand, their products and their services.

The fact that they have grown to become so fashionable means that, unlike many other marketing freebies, they normally tend to be retained for long periods and displayed consistently. This, in turn, ensures that the promoters get considerably more bang for their buck and, given the comparatively low cost of these items, promotional bracelets are now being seen by many as a highly cost-effective option.

Silicone wristbands available to Johannesburg companies are not only available in a wide range of basic colours, but may be printed with text, logos and patterns in contrasting colours to create an eye-catching combination that is quite unique to the individual client. Alternatively they may be embossed or debossed, a technique in which the print is sunken and may also be coloured to provide more contrast as a further option. The material is soft and flexible, warm to the touch, comfortable in wear and the finished bracelets are normally available in both adult and child sizes.

This high degree of versatility has served to position silicone wristbands as an ideal giveaway for use at expos and conventions held in Johannesburg and at other South African venues. In addition they are also gaining popularity as an inexpensive yet surprisingly effective means by which sponsors able to promote brand awareness at subsidised events such as corporate golf days and school sports days.

Since 1995, when IDCBand first opened its doors, it has grown to become a leading supplier of good to the events and promotions industry both in South Africa and worldwide. The Johannesburg company’s strong customer-centric policy and focus on quality and delivery has earned it the role of preferred supplier of silicone wristbands to some of the nation’s most prestigious events.

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