Dec 10

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Security Access Control Wristbands

Providing Effective Security and Access Control with These Handy Wristbands

Where eligibility rather than identity determines right of access, security control by means of wristbands is a reliable and inexpensive option. While, on occasions, it might be desirable to use some means of personal identity in conjunction with these bracelet-like items, for most purposes, they should provide all of the assurance that is likely to be required. In practice, the four main qualities of these items, if they are to be as effective in their intended role as possible, are visibility, specificity, durability and affordability. However, for those who may have serious concerns regarding the impact of manufacturing processes and of synthetic materials on the environment, green or eco-friendly qualities will often be of equal importance.

Commonly, it is in maintaining aspects of security and access control for events that wristbands will often prove to be the most useful. Worn prominently, their bright colouring provides a simple yet effective means by which to ensure that they are highly visible to the personnel who are manning the entry and exit points. The actual choice of colour may also be used to designate differing levels of admission on those occasions when this may be a requirement. In the case of an open-air concert, for instance, this could differentiate between those who have paid for seats and those whose payment only provides standing space.

On such occasions, their use need not actually be limited to providing security personnel with an access control tool. The wristbands could be printed with the brand of a business that may, for instance, hold a concession to supply cold drinks and fast foods to members of the audience during the event. In such cases, the vendor gains valuable publicity as a sponsor. Alternatively, the event organiser may simply prefer to promote his or her own products and services, or perhaps an upcoming event.

Bearing in mind their role in confirming eligibility, for instance, when seeking re-entry to an event after a temporary exit or in the case of an event that lasts for two or three days, enforcing security and access control effectively requires these wristbands to be tough and tamper-proof. The former quality may be achieved with the use of materials, such as multi-layered, waterproof and tear-proof vinyl. Its construction makes it the ideal choice for multi-day events, where that additional durability provides the means to extend their functional lifespan. For single-day use, Tyvek, a brand of lightweight, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) should be more than adequate, while fabric-based products offer bio-degradability.

It is clearly important that it should not be possible for these, albeit relatively simple, bracelet-like devices to be transferred between users. Various mechanisms are employed in different products to ensure that any attempt made to remove them for fraudulent purposes will result in visible damage, thus ensuring their security when used for access control.

These wristbands are supplied in a variety of widths and provide a surface that is suitable for printing, offering an opportunity for promotional branding by event organisers and/or would-be sponsors. The possibilities are endless and our company, IDCBand, offers the widest range of these products available anywhere in South Africa. Versatile, tough and economical, our offerings include the latest international trends for security access control using wristbands.