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Security Access Control Lanyards

Lanyards – A Practical Accessory for use in Security Access Control

As an item associated with security and access control, lanyards are able to provide a convenient tether with which to anchor ID tags, with or without holders, depending upon their design and perhaps keys. They offer a means with which to keep such items safe, yet also allowing them to remain readily accessible. In other situations, however, precisely the same functions may, instead, be applied to secure recreational items, such as whistles, pens, sunglasses and, more recently, flash drives and miniature LED flashlights. Available in a wide range of patterns and colours, they can also serve the wearer as a casual fashion accessory.

Whatever their primary role, these simple devices may be used to deliver an additional function. In a security access control situation, the lanyards used to display the identity of an individual employee may also be used to display corporate identity. Its fabric may easily be custom printed to present a company’s logo and its corporate colour scheme, and possibly its contact details for use in the event that it may be mislaid. The fact that, in most of their forms, these items have a large printable surface area that presents an ideal medium for branding means that they may also be of great value as a promotional tool that is both inexpensive and practical. The latter factor can be particularly significant in that its continuing usefulness will ensure prolonged and repeated exposure for an advertiser’s message.

In selecting lanyards for security and access control purposes, the requirements are certain to vary between companies. For a large business with many hundreds of employees, and perhaps a fairly constant staff turnover, the durability and purchase price of these accessories could both prove to be important considerations when finalising the buying decision. The specific demands of the job may also influence the choice. Where personnel may be required to work at night in areas where there is vehicular traffic, safety considerations are likely to be a concern. Some form of high visibility, reflective variant, therefore, is likely to be the most appropriate choice.

A company that is planning such a purchase, whether the lanyards are for security access control or otherwise, may also have concerns about the environment and an increasing number now actively reflect these concerns in their buying policy. As it happens, certain of these product lines now make use of recycled materials, such as the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) obtained from used cooldrink bottles, while others may employ natural, biodegradable materials from sustainable sources, such as bamboo. This means that the needs of buyers who may emphasise the importance of an eco-friendly or green product can also be satisfied.

Supplying lanyards for security access control and promotional purposes, as well as a number of related products to the South African market, we offer the most comprehensive selection available anywhere in the country. Designed for a wide range of applications, they are offered in an equally wide range of fabrics, including the recycled PET and bamboo, as mentioned above.

They are available in a variety of widths and most may be customised with screen- or full-colour printed text and imagery. We, at IDCBand, are the clear choice for durable and affordable lanyards for security access control or promotional use.

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