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Design Your Own Wristband

Design your Own Wristband for that Upcoming Promotion or Event

Whether you choose to design your own wristband or leave the creative requirements to a third party, there is no denying the value of these widely used, yet quite simple, items. The concept of a strap worn in this fashion has found applications in many areas, including identification, when they may be used to display personal details, such as the names and addresses of young children on a school trip, or the name and patient number for a person confined to a hospital or clinic.

Beyond these more basic utilitarian uses, more sophisticated variants of these items can also play an important role, both in the fields of security and marketing, and while some suppliers are less flexible others, such as IDCBand provide the means to design your own wristband by selecting and subsequently editing the basic form from the range of possible templates provided.

As an advertising media, these bands offer the advantages of a low cost medium that offers both reach and visibility. The former benefit is provided simply as a result of the fact that these are wearable items and, as such, are likely to be seen wherever the wearer may choose to roam. As for their visibility, their positioning coupled with the characteristically bold designs and bright colours normally incorporated in their design makes them hard to miss, and their presence invariably prompts some form of enquiry that leads to a closer inspection.

Given the freedom to design your own wristband, together with the capacity to order amounts of as few as just 10 units, these items can prove particularly useful to those responsible for organising the smaller type of events, such as a fun run for the congregation of a local church aimed at raising money for some deserving cause. In such cases, they may be included in the contestants’ packs, distributed in exchange for the entrance fee. They serve to identify an individual as a contestant, as well as to provide him or her with a memento of the occasion. Alternatively, they can provide a sponsor company with the means to donate to the cause, while simultaneously promoting its own goods and services to the participants and spectators.

The steps required to design your own wristband on our website are easy to follow and it should take no more than a minute or two to complete your creative efforts, and then to place your order for the number of units required. As stated, the first step is to select the product that you wish to customise. Currently, 7 alternatives are offered, of which 3 are fabricated from the tough high-density polyethylene known as Tyvek. These units are pre-serialised and at 2.5cm, they are 0.5cm wider than the 4 remaining vinyl products.

Subsequent steps to be completed when you design your own wristband include selecting the colour, and adding the text and logo or other imagery that you may require in the spaces provided by this quick and user-friendly application. Lead times for completed orders are good, so you can expect to receive branded items within 5 working days and unbranded ones even sooner. Should you not wish to design your own wristband, we will do so at no charge.

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