Fabric wristbands with a Full Colour Dye Sub Print

Or if you prefer we can design your wristband for you, free of charge – contact us on sales@idcband.co.za or 011 675 5548

minimum ordering quantity:
Pantone Matched
print options:
Dye sublimation
print colour:
Full colour photographic design
40cm x 1.6cm
lead time:

2-3 weeks

Fabric Wristbands

are the platinum version of our access control wristbands.

Used mostly by bigger music festivals not only are you ensuring your events security, you are also providing a keepsake which a lot of festival goers will keep for years. Ensuring pro-longed brand exposure.

We have the option of using an aluminium ring (that needs to be crimped close) or a Barrel Lock (a non-twist mechanism with a one-way sliding lock that uses prongs to pierce the fabric – stopping it from being removed)

This is the ultimate in secure access control for your event, these wristbands are virtually impossible to duplicate or pass on to another person.

Branding Fabric wristbands

We pantone match both the wristbands and print, with a satin material finish.

These Wristbands are both water and tear resistant, they are also fully recyclable.

  • Can be serialised
  • Water proof
  • Recyclable

Branding requirements:


.JPEG larger than 2dpi – please note these files are not editable

.PDF (high resolution larger than 1MB)



All fonts must be converted to curves/outlines created or fonts must be included.