Eezyrider Wristbands

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minimum ordering quantity:
Stock dependent - please inquire with your sales representitve
print options:
1 – 2 colour screen print
print colour:
Any Colour
23cm x 1.5cm (excluding tags)
lead time:

1-2 weeks

Eezyrider Wristbands

are 5 tag wristbands – each tag tears away easily.

Eezyrider wristbands are made from 3 layers of vinyl for extra strength and durability; they are water and tear resistant. This makes these wristbands ideal for water parks, amusement parks and any event with a duration of 1-14 days. Eezyriders are secure with the self-locking tamper evident clip (once removed the wristband will no longer close) and are comfortable to wear for a pro-longed period of time.

Also known as tab wristbands, multi-tab wristbands and tear off tab wristbands.

Eezyrider wristbands are perfect for you if you have a certain amount of items to give per person at an event such as rides, meals, drinks, gifts etc. This system makes tracking who has received the item or activity a breeze and ensures that auditing numbers at the end of the vent is a breeze.