Jun 29

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Creative Ways to Use Event Wristbands to Enhance Attendee Experience

Event wristbands have become a staple for access control, event security, identification and more, but organisers don’t realise that these useful items can be even more effective when a little creativity is thrown in. Depending on your event type, you can choose from PVC, Tyvek, silicone, or fabric wristbands, with the innovative RFID wristbands a great option if you’re hosting a digitised event.


What are some innovative ways to use event wristbands?


The basic Tyvek wristbands are a great starting point for event wristbands, as they’re non-transferable, comfortable, and come in a range of colours. However, you can work up to the silicone and RFID wristbands, depending on your budget and requirements. Here’s a look at some creative ways to incorporate wristbands into your event and beyond to enhance attendee experience.


1.     Social media integration

You can use your event wristbands to engage with your event-goers beyond the event itself by printing a QR code or social media handles on the wristband. To get the most out of this form of interaction, you’d be well advised to add an incentive to the deal, such as a competition for every like, share, or post. This will give your event and sponsors more mileage for their investment while making your event guests brand ambassadors.


2.     Personalisation

The modern consumer wants to feel seen! They don’t want to be just another one in the crowd, so why not use your event wristbands to do just that? Invite attendees to pre-select their wristband preferences ahead of the event, particularly if this is for the more permanent fabric or silicone wristbands. They can choose their favourite colours, and fonts, and even include their name if they like.


3.     Photo souvenirs

People love photos, and attending an event with a group of friends is the perfect place to capture those magic moments. By cleverly embedding a QR code on the wristband, or using the RFID chip if available, you can connect festival-goers to an on-site event photographer or any photo booths in the area. They could also access photos digitally through this same code. By adding a watermark, any sharing of these photos will generate further exposure for the event.


4.     Gamification

Remember that digital Pokémon phase a while back? It was a global hit with everyone hunting down Pokémon and points using their cellphones. People love playing games, earning points, and winning things – no matter what age they are! Using your event wristbands, attendees can embark on a fun journey, earning points and badges throughout the event by completing challenges or participating in certain activities. They could access the game through an RFID chip or QR code, and you can make it as simple or complex as you like.


5.     Improved networking

If you’re organising an event such as a conference or fundraiser, you might be looking for organic ways to connect people through the event. Your event wristband is just that! You can integrate features into your wristband that enables attendees to tap wristbands as a way to exchange contact information, or connect via a chip or code to find others with similar interests.


6.     Designations

You might have VIP sections, or different areas, designations, and more that require your attendees to be streamlined. With different coloured wristbands, you’re able to easily assign groups and security can quickly identify who should be where. Wristbands can also be used to indicate discounts for food and beverages, making attendees feel that much more appreciated.


7.     Cashless payments

You can drastically increase your attendee and event security by simply incorporating RFID chips with cashless payment options. This is an incredibly useful tool that will mitigate the need for event-goers to bring cards and cash, allowing them to pay for food, drinks, and merchandise using their wristbands, safely and effectively.


8.     Feedback

Keep your events quality year in and year out by garnering useful feedback and suggestions from attendees. One quick and simple way to do this is by incorporating online feedback forms and surveys via the wristband QR code or chip. Get first-hand information as to what works and what doesn’t using the wristband!


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