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Where to buy event wristbands in Cape Town

Cape Town – the Mother City – was named the ‘Events Capital of the World’ in 2018 by the World Travel Awards. This isn’t surprising considering the iconic city’s breathtaking scenery, from ocean views to dramatic mountain-scapes to glorious vineyards. It’s also home to a variety of multi-functional venues such as Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town City Hall and Africa’s premier meetings and conferencing venue, the Cape Town International Convention Centre.


Clearly, if you’re organising an event, Cape Town is a great venue to consider. But you’re now asking the age-old question: Where can I buy event wristbands?


Online wristband shop


The simplest way to buy wristbands in Cape Town is online from South Africa’s leading wristband supplier, IDCBand. While based in Johannesburg, IDCBand ensures fast delivery of wristbands nationwide, including Cape Town. The site has a variety of wristbands you can choose from – here’s how to shop online!


How to choose the wristbands for your event


Before you choose between Tyvek, plastic, vinyl, fabric, or silicone wristbands, you have to ask yourself a few questions.


1.     What is the purpose of the wristbands?


Are you ordering event wristbands for security, access control, identification, classification, promotional purposes, or some other reasons? This will narrow down which wristband type you need to order for your Cape Town event.


2.     Do you need to customise the wristbands?


Will you need to print or brand the wristbands? If so, you’re going to require some customisation for which the event wristband company must be able to cater. Customisation options could include logos, QR codes, sequential numbers, sponsor names and logos, and event details.


3.     What are your event conditions?


Is your event being held outdoors for 5 days? What season is your event? Winter in Cape Town means a good chance of rain, so you should plan accordingly! Or is it a half-day conference at the Cape Town International Convention Centre? Then weather isn’t necessarily a concern. This will help you determine how durable the event wristband needs to be and what sort of security features you require. A long-term or outdoor event will need waterproof wristbands that are tear-resistant with tamper-proof clasps. You’ll also want the wristbands to be comfortable which means a material that is suited to sensitive skin.


4.     Do you need wristband classification?


Is your event going to be divided into different sections with VIP areas or differentiated sections according to ticket levels? Are you going to be selling alcohol or food for which people will need to show proof of purchase or ID? If so, you will need wristbands that are colour-coded for quick identification. If your Cape Town event is a nighttime function, then you might want to consider glow-in-the-dark options.


5.     When do you need the wristbands?


You need to determine how many wristbands you need for your Cape Town event and what your lead time is before you decide where you’re going to buy your event wristbands. If your wristbands require significant customisation and it’s a bulk order, it’s going to take a bit longer.


6.     What is your event wristband budget?


If you want a large order of customised fabric wristbands for an Indie Rock concert, you’re going to need a much bigger budget than a smaller order of plain Tyvek bands for a corporate function – so plan accordingly. You can ask around for a few quotes but make sure you’re going with a reliable supplier.


7.     How eco-friendly is your event?


More and more, environmental factors have to be considered when planning, and for Cape Town, this is a must. Ask your supplier about eco-friendly wristband options made from recycled materials or biodegradable alternatives. You could also minimise waste by choosing silicone wristbands that are reusable, or fabric wristbands that attendees can keep as souvenirs.


IDCBand supplies all these and more! They have an extensive collection of wristbands you can view at their online store, including a diverse range of shapes, colours, and styles to cater to all wristband preferences. They can customise wristbands for whatever Cape Town event you’re organising – concerts, festivals, conferences, fashion shows, team builds, markets, and more!