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Silicone Wristbands for Sale JHB

IDCBand Presents Our Extensive Range of Silicone Wristbands for Sale in JHB

Silicone wristbands for sale in JHB and other cities around South Africa is becoming an increasingly common sight. On the internet too, there is now a thriving trade in these colourful, bracelets both new and previously owned. While some of them may have specific practical function such as those that are designed to alert the wearer to high levels of ultraviolet radiation by changing colour, the sole purpose of the majority of these soft and flexible bands is to promote a brand, a product or a cause.

2004 was the year that was to mark the beginning of a worldwide explosion in the demand for silicone wristbands. Though not for sale in JHB at first, the success of the Lance Armstrong Foundation in using a simple yellow bracelet to promote its charitable goal of supporting cancer research and victims of the disease was began to influence charities everywhere. The campaign convinced 80 million of the world’s consumers to display their support in this simple but effective fashion. Eleven years later, these yellow bands, and others from the many organisations that chose to follow the foundation’s lead, are being traded online daily by avid collectors.

The fact is that people are happy to wear them and are proud to show their support for a good cause. Interestingly, many of the silicone wristbands for sale today, whether in JHB, the EU or LA, are purchased by young people who have adopted them as an inexpensive and trendy fashion symbol. On the social scene, they are also making an impact. Seen as a good way to identify a group, parents are buying them for their children’s birthday guests while those soon to be married distribute them among their fellow revellers on their stag nights and hen nights. Other similar uses or these bands, which are available in both adult and child sizes, include children on school or church outings and team members of all kinds

However the bulk of silicone wristbands for sale in JHB are purchased by companies that, in most cases will then distribute them free of charge to their potential consumers as a means to promote their brand.  Just as most consumers today are quite happy to display the label of a prestigious brand on a sports shirt or a pair of jeans, they are equally willing to promote one by wearing a colourful bracelet. They represent a very cost-effective promotional opportunity even for smaller businesses as they are inexpensive and tend to be retained and worn long after the occasion for which they were distributed and will thus ensure far longer exposure than is possible with most other media.

Offering the widest selection of silicone wristbands for sale in JHB, IDCBand is a leading supplier of these and other promotional items to both the local and international markets. Available in large and standard adult sizes as well as standard and small child sizes we offer a choice of more than a hundred base colours and the option of embossed print, debossed  print, with or without a colour fill, or basic colour printed text or designs in up to seven colours. Whether a simple annular band or a more elaborately sculptured design, our silicone wristbands for sale in JHB guarantee satisfaction.