Thunder Sticks

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minimum ordering quantity:
print options:
1-4 colour print
print colour:
Pantone Matched
600mm x 100mm
lead time:

2-3 weeks

Thunder Sticks

This revolutionary product was released to replace our ever popular Vuvuzela for sports functions such as rugby, cricket and soccer. These promotional products are excellent for brand exposure with a large print area. Also perfect for schools/university sports days.

Attendees will keep these promotional gifts as mementos of the event, thus ensuring prolonged brand exposure for your company.

Different shaped cheersticks are available such as flowers and hockey sticks, minimum ordering quantity for these are however 3000.

Two Polyethylene thunder sticks with a straw to inflate, capable of a 4 colour CMYK print on both sides.

Order your batch of branded thunder sticks that will speak to your target audience during a specific sports event, have your clientele keep this product as a so veneer of a well-played game. It doesn’t matter if its Soccer, Rugby or cricket. IDCBand SA understands the importance of brand awareness which eventually leads to brand loyalty. Call us today and change the way you market your brand or your sponsor’s brand. With exciting shapes and sizes, we can manufacture trust IDCBand SA

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