Rigid Card Holders

Or if you prefer we can design your wristband for you, free of charge – contact us on sales@idcband.co.za or 011 675 5548

minimum ordering quantity:
Hold credit card size ID 85mm x 54mm
lead time:

Stock: 4-5 days

Bespoke orders: 2-3 weeks

Rigid Card holders have various uses such as bus or train holders, there are a lot of travellers using these modes of transport. Supplying your target audience with branded card holders can spread your brand name enormously among public transport users. With over 15 million public transport users, you are sure to increase your brand awareness just within that industry. Well we all know that you can increase your brand awareness in other spheres rather than in the transport industry. We just wanted to show you how you can penetrate a big market and gain brand name especially wen you partner with IDCBand SA.

Features that come with the amazing Rigid Card holders available at IDCBand SA

Plastic ID card holder

Hold credit card size ID 85mm x 54mm

Transparent, frosted or colour options available.

Open faced or fully enclosed options available

Pantone match available on orders over 1000 units