Pin Badges

Or if you prefer we can design your wristband for you, free of charge – contact us on or 011 675 5548

minimum ordering quantity:
lead time:

2-3 weeks

Pin badges designed for marketing your brand

This product is suitable to market any kind of brand, it will carry the message printed on them. Use this promotional product to your advantage, carry your brand name. This product can come in various forms and sizes to accommodate your brand image. have your batch manufactured with a reliable company today. Call IDCBand SA today

Take a look at  the following features that come with the pin badges

Soft Enamel:

  • 2D design – Iron material
  • Soft enamel infil – pantone matched
  • Nickel plated
  • Background colour shows as silver


  • 3D design – iron material
  • No colour infil
  • Will show as silver

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