Jul 21

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Need a Wristband – Custom Designed, Wristband Designer

When you Need a Wristband, Try this Online Custom Designer

Today, when more likely to need a wristband rather than an admission ticket in order to gain entry to an open-air concert or an expo, the demand for a simple bracelet-like device for use in such cases, and in a wide range of other applications, has grown at a remarkable rate. In addition to the uses described and others that are essentially related to similar security issues, the other role in which these products have proven to be invaluable is that of an inexpensive but powerful promotional tool.

Available in various materials, as well as a wide range of colours and designs, if for any reason you should need a wristband that has been custom designed to your unique specifications, these or any of our various standard products may be ordered from us at IDCBand. We are only too pleased to consult with you on all of the finer details, in order to arrive at an end-product that will fully meet your needs and, wherever possible, that will even exceed your expectations.

If your purchase is intended for use as a security measure, then a tough, tamper-proof construction will be the prime requirement, in order to overcome any risk that your wristbands could be transferred between wearers for fraudulent purposes. In practice, you will need a wristband made from Tyvek, a particularly durable type of polyethylene fibre that has been flash-spun for extra strength, and fitted with a tamper evident adhesive tab that ensures that it can only be removed by cutting the band.

In our vinyl range, there are several options that differ in their shape and the means by which they are fastened. One of the custom designs that could prove especially useful for events that may involve additional admissions to privileged areas, such as a VIP lounge or free refreshment area, is the “Eezyrider” option with up to 5 detachable tags that may be used for such purposes, where there is a need.

A wristband intended primarily for security usage can, however, also serve as a promotional tool, if required. Simply adding some colourful branding or a punchy slogan should be enough to do the trick. Among the products intended primarily for this purpose, our clients have the option of a range of impact and slapper bands, or colourful, soft silicone bracelets. The latter have rapidly become popular, on both the local and international scene as fashion items, and represent an option that could, therefore, serve to extend the longevity of your intended promotional campaign.

Perhaps you need a wristband but would prefer to undertake its design in person. For just this eventuality, our technical team at IDCBand has taken the step of developing an online application that is able to assist you and to simplify the task quite substantially. With just a few simple steps, our custom wristband designer will guide you through the entire process, as well as enable you to place an order directly for the desired quantity of your bespoke Tyvek wristbands.

Plain coloured Tyvek wristbands provide a background to contrast with logos and text, while “Tradbands”, “Koolbands”, “Glitterbands” and our Series 2000 all guarantee the security that you need from a wristband.