Nov 23

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Event Security Trends 2023

We’re almost back into the swing of things as 2022 saw the return of in-person events, but we can expect a lot more of this going into 2023 and that means considering security measures. Event organisation is a complex task, but one of the priorities is undoubtedly ensuring your event-goers are enjoying themselves in a safe and secure environment. This is what event security trends are looking like in 2023.


1.     RFID tags

Monitoring the number of people attending any event is critical to crowd safety as it ensures you’re meeting all building safety standards. Technology is being adopted to monitor crowds rather than relying on manual clickers that can be incorrect. The modern RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags on wristbands automate this work through a combination of radio waves and AI (artificial intelligence) which is why they’re being incorporated as event access devices.


2.     Biometric scanning

Another form of crowd management is facial recognition technology and fingerprint access. Many high-scale events will look at implementing this form of biometric access to ensure that the people attending the event are the ones on the list, and that they have been properly vetted beforehand.


3.     QR code wristbands

Once again, wristband technology is coming out tops when it comes to event access security. In this case, QR (quick response) codes are being placed on the wristbands which can then be scanned and the information captured. This can include personal information, ticket confirmation and anything else relevant to the event. You can improve the experience of conferences and more by including a USB clasp which contains valuable business details.


4.     Technology for searches

Searching in the bags of event attendees is standard issue for event security, but things can be overlooked, especially at large-scale events. This generally consists of metal detectors and body scanners, but in 2023 we’ll see technological advancement in this area with radio waves and AI used to detect contraband without the need for scanners.


5.     Cybersecurity

As events become much more technologically driven, particularly with the incorporation of hybrid and remote events, there’s a risk of outsiders accessing data. This means that cybersecurity will also form an important part of event security planning in 2023. Without considering this element, you’re risking data breaches, fraud and even the very real possibility of terrorism as hackers run rampant. Dual authentication, anti-virus software and a dedicated IT staff will be required for large-scale events.


6.     Mobile communication

For a safe and secure event, everyone needs to be on the same page which is why it’s worth sharing the event regulations with the attendees before the start. Using event apps, you can connect with your attendees on their mobile phones, keeping them updated on any changes or updates.


7.     Surveillance

Monitoring and surveillance are always important security measures, and will be stepped up in 2023. CCTVs will remain in place, but you can expect geo-tracking through event wristbands, as well as drones. These provide a much more comprehensive overview of the event’s happenings.


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