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Badge Reels

Make Badge Reels Work for Your Company

Badge reels are basically badges with an extensible reel attached to them. You will often find them in companies where they have been given to their staff, to keep track of access cards or tags. Instead of keeping your access card in your wallet or your pocket, you can simply clip the badge to your clothes and you will always have it handy. All you need to do is, giving a quick pull, swipe your tag or card and it will automatically retract back to where you clipped, once you are done.

Gone are the days where that was the only time they were used – by company staff. These days company staff still use them, only now they have a small twist to them and that is what makes all the difference in how they get used. Nowadays, you can have them branded with company logos or you can brand them for special events, and use them as gifts for the attendees.

Getting Ideas for Badge Reels

Plain black reels are no longer the order of the day, despite being conventional and a pleasure to use. These days, it is all about the badge and the type of design you use on your reel that makes all the difference. Even a simple company logo seems somewhat dated, when you get to see some of the exciting options that have been created out there.

Going Beyond a Simple Security Clip

The badges will either have a clip on there or they will have a magnet to attach it to your clothes. The reels will normally have a closed or clipped loop, so that you can attach whatever you want to it. The quality reel mechanism on the inside will also ensure that you get to use the badge reel for years to come and it will not break.

By using badge reels as more than a security tool, but as a creative way to draw attention to your company, you are guaranteed to strike some interest with these unique little gadgets.

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