May 20

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Wristbands Roodepoort

Top-quality Wristbands from Roodepoort Promotions and Security Specialists

The demand for wristbands is growing and one South African company in Roodepoort, namely IDCBand, has responded to this need, developing its role as a leading supplier of these items, not just to just to the domestic market, but to a number of overseas destinations also. The explanation behind the rising demand for these items can be largely attributed to the increased needs in two major commercial pursuits: security and promotional activities.

Of the two, it is the applications to security that are the oldest and one of the earliest common uses for these items was as a reliable means with which to identify hospital patients. The use of wristbands for this purpose still continues from Roodepoort to Reykjavik. In hospitals today, however, they have become a great deal more sophisticated than the simple ties with which to secure a handwritten or typed label offered at the time when they were first introduced.

Within the field of security, many more applications for these devices have since emerged and, today, it is very probable that the demand from the entertainment sector alone is set to exceed by far, that of the healthcare establishments. The development of new materials, such as the flash-spun polyethylene fibres created by DuPont and sold under the registered trademark Tyvek, has enabled the manufacture of the tough, tamper-proof wristbands now supplied by IDCBand from our Roodepoort premises to the managers of sporting and other events throughout the country.

Once in place, these bracelets cannot be removed without causing visible damage. This property has served to make them the ideal alternative to the traditional admission and pass-out ticketing procedures on which the organisers of open air concerts and sporting events have previously been dependent. Precisely because these bracelets are tamper-proof, their use now serves to eliminate the fraudulent practice of transferring tickets to friends who have not paid the entrance fee, thus saving the organisers both money and much of the time required to monitor entries and exits.

The brightly coloured Tyvek wristbands may be overprinted by arrangement with the Roodepoort office and could, for instance, carry the name of the event with its dates, as well as a unique serial number. They are the most popular choice of organisers today and particularly useful for those that may be held over a period of several days.

For promotional purposes, depending upon the nature of the promotion, an inexpensive monochrome silicone bracelet could be all that is required. This is a claim that has been amply proven by the awesome success of the Livestrong Foundation’s 2004 campaign. The campaign led to some 80 million supporters purchasing and wearing simple yellow wristbands similar to those available from our Roodepoort outlet, and raising record funds for cancer research.

What works for charities can work for any promotional activity and these devices, in many different forms, are widely embraces as a highly cost-effective means by which a company may promote its brand or its products, for example, at trade fairs, conventions and conferences. Alternatively, they can serve the same function at sponsored events, such as school sports days that may form part of their social responsibility programme.

At IDCBand, in Roodepoort we offer a wide range of quality promotion and security products including wristbands.