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The best wristband colour for your event

A lot goes into event organising and it takes months of planning to get every detail right. One aspect is always taken care of and that’s event access. This has been made a lot easier with the invention of wristbands, which come in a range of sizes, shapes and materials they are also durable, easy-to-use, and aesthetically appealing. Wristbands are becoming the popular choice for event access, but it’s important to make sure you get the best wristband colour for your event.

Colour has a direct connection with mood and innate associations will stimulate your audience in different ways. It’s the first sensory touch point on entering a venue and the entire interaction can be shaped by colour. Here are a few things to consider when selecting your wristband colour.

Wristband Colours

1. Seeing red

Red is known to induce extremely powerful emotions such as anger and passion. It is directly associated with love and danger – think Valentine’s Day or fire trucks – so if you’re organising an event where you’re looking to get people fired up, then this is the wristband colour to go for. A corporate function that is set to get a group of accountants or IT employers really motivated would call for a red wristband.

2. Orange you glad it’s an option?

Although not as ‘in your face’ as red, orange is an extremely powerful colour that evokes strong reactions in people, getting them really worked up. Because of this, it’s very popular in gym wear and is ideally suited to any sporting event – also making competitor identification easy from afar. It’s known to stimulate creativity so is perfect for any corporate team building event or cultural exhibition.



3. Keep it mellow with yellow


Its association with sunshine generally connects yellow with positivity and fun, encouraging an open atmosphere. This is perfect for concerts, or any events where a disparate group of people are forced to interact for any period of time.

4. The moody blues

Rotating to the other side of the colour spectrum, things start to get cooler and calmer. Lowering blood pressure and inducing the tranquil sense associated with watching the ocean or sky, blue is the best choice for more intimate, low-key events such as work conferences.

5. Because nothing rhymes with purple

Connected to royalty, purple exudes wisdom and wealth, perfect for any event that suggests luxury. This is ideal for launch parties, or designated VIP areas, separating the elite from everyone else.

6. Going green

Refreshing, new beginnings and relaxation are all intertwined with this verdant wristband colour. From the more sophisticated darker shades to the jubilant lighter shades, green is a great colour to adapt for any big event. Everything from outdoor music concerts raising awareness for environmental issues to theme parks where super-energised children need something to calm them, green is your best bet. Its connection with new starts makes it the perfect option for any induction event, welcoming new members to a team.

7. Back to black

A harsh choice and one that won’t work well at any evening or poorly-lit event, black almost takes emotion out of the equation. Suited to anything with a more serious tone – or anything connected with newsprint events – black usually work best when contrasted with white.

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If you’re selecting colours for promotional wristbands or as those being used as corporate gifts, research any competing organisations to make sure there is no colour overlap. Decide what message you are looking to get across, and what environment you want to create before selecting a colour and, even then, it’s important to select the best shade or tint on the colour spectrum. Where neon green is something fun, adventurous and different; forest green conveys a more sedate, grounded tone. Match the hue to the mood.

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