Aug 17

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Tyvek Wristbands for Sale

Tyvek Wristbands for Sale Promise Improved Security for Event Managers


In many countries around the world, the Tyvek wristbands for sale at both indoor and outdoor events have all but replaced the use of conventional admission tickets. Although the move to these devices is, as yet, less widespread on the local scene, many of those responsible for managing some of South Africa’s most prestigious events have hastened to embrace their many benefits with open arms.

One of the biggest headaches facing the organisers of an event for which, typically, attendance may reach a level of tens of thousands or even more, lies in combatting the high risk of ticket fraud and the financial losses that will inevitably accompany it. In these situations, fraud is perpetrated in two ways and the Tyvek wristbands for sale today provide a very effective and a surprisingly inexpensive means for the nation’s event managers to counter both of these.

Although the less serious of the two, patrons lending their tickets to friends in order to assist them to gain access without paying, nevertheless, accounts for significant losses which, in turn, can tend to drive admission prices up. However, of far greater concern are the often very proficient counterfeiters who have the potential to rob an organiser of millions of Rands in lost sales for the event. Duplicating a conventional ticket may be relatively simple, but creating copies of one of the many tough Tyvek wristbands for sale today presents a challenge that is sufficient to deter even the most talented counterfeiters.

Wristbands are available in a variety of designs. Some are intended purely as promotional tools and would be totally unsuitable as a means to provide access security at a rock concert or sporting event. For such purposes, the tough Tyvek wristbands for sale from specialist suppliers, such as IDCBand, are up to the task. The explanation for their suitability is the result of two important features. Firstly, the exceptionally durable polymer used to manufacture them and the tamperproof adhesive tab designed to ensure that they remain firmly in place until they are no longer needed to control pass outs and re-entries by attendees.

Tyvek® is the registered trademark of a synthetic polymer made from flash-spun, high-density polyethylene fibres. These wristbands resist all attempts to tear them and can only be removed by cutting them with a knife or scissors, thus revealing visible signs of tampering. This serves to make them an ideal choice for regulating the admissions to an event that may be scheduled to take place over two or more days.

While their primary purpose is certainly to provide access security, these wristbands also provide the organisers with a means with which to pursue some promotional activities and perhaps to create an additional revenue stream. Like their less durable counterparts, they provide an inexpensive medium with which to promote brands, products and services on behalf of the organiser, a sponsor or any third party seeking some targeted exposure via these Tyvek wristbands for sale.