Slapperband Wristbands

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minimum ordering quantity:
Black, white, silver, red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple and orange
print options:
1-full colour print
23cm x 3cm as standard
lead time:

2-3 weeks


Slapperband Wristbands

In recent years, promotional wristbands such a Slapperband wristbands have become an important tool with which to generate and perpetuate brand awareness. When compared with many of the common alternative wearables, like branded T-shirts and caps, for example, they offer the advantage that they can easily be issued free whilst not over-reaching on your budget to a greater amount of people. These wristbands can be purchased for a fraction of their cost. They can also be worn every day rather than just occasionally.

Covered with high-grade PVC, Slapperband wristbands are lined for comfort with felt on the inside. Slapperband wristbands can be personalised with a 1 to full-colour print, they can also be moulded into 2D shapes and standard sizes are 3x23cm or 3x30cm.

High visibility reflective material is available – this makes these promotional wristbands the perfect tool for a night time promotion or safety messages for pedestrians. Among other fashionable promotional products that IDCBand SA is well known for. We promise to supply quality promotional products that will improve any brand awareness. Print your business logo and the mission statement for people to remember and eventually become brand loyal knowing that your product line offers quality and value for money.

Slap on Wristbands

Also widely known as Slap Bands, Slap Bracelet and slap bangle.