Straight Full Colour Wristbands

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minimum ordering quantity:
1000 per design
Pantone Matched
print options:
Digital Print Full Colour
print colour:
Pantone Matched
25cm x 1.6cm
lead time:

2-3 weeks

Full-Colour Wristbands

With full colour wristbands, you can maximise impact with full colour photographic print – ideal for complex designs or logos. These wristbands are still affordable but make an impact during and after the event. The difference between the normal unprinted tyvek wristbands and full colour straight wristbands is the following:  The normal tyvek wristband can be easily duplicated, hence a high risk of people entering the event without purchasing a ticket. Event organizers are at risk of losing money that is supposed to be generated by the event. On the other hand having a straight full colour wristband eliminates that possibility. Te wristband will be unique and impossible to duplicate, especially because at IDCBand SA we would never have one mockup repeated by a different client.

Get in touch with a reliable wristand supplier to ensure you get maximum satisfaction for your event.

Secure sockets with studs make these Wristbands ideal for access control for any event.

There are plenty of Advantages of full colour wristbands vs the normal tyvek wristband

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