Custom Tradband wristbands

Or if you prefer we can design your wristband for you, free of charge – contact us on or 011 675 5548

minimum ordering quantity:
print options:
1 – 2 colour screen print
print colour:
Any Colour
26cm x 2cm
lead time:

Unbranded – 2 days

Branded – 5 working days

Customise your Tradband wristbands with full-colour printing.

When hosting a high profile event, the highest security measures should be put in place. The bouncers at the door should be people that know what their doing, as well as CCTV should be in place just in case. Event tickets sales should be protected as well, from people who might want to attend your event without a ticket. That’s where IDCBand SA comes in, we offer event organisers a quality tradband wristbands that are secured and cannot be transferred once you clip it on. This means the minute the ticket owner wears the tradband, it cannot be transferred to be worn by someone else, in fact taking off the tradband means it is damaged.

Tradband wristbands offer additional security through a self-locking clip, that when closed cannot be undone and becomes tamper evident.

Tradband wristbands are made from 3 layers of vinyl for extra Strength and durability; they are water and tear resistant with 8 different base colours to choose from. Among our Tyvek wristbands that are our best seller at the moment. The tradband wristband promises quality and value for money, more over a stylish element added to your event. Contact IDCBand SA to order you tradband today


tradband wristbands

Vinyl wristbands – tradbands