Mar 12

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Laminates and Inserts

Laminates and Inserts are Simple but Effective Security Tools

While the significance of laminates and inserts may often fail to register with the general public, this is certainly not the case among those responsible for security at public events or in the workplace. Surveillance cameras, turnstiles, metal detectors and armed guards are elements of security with which all South Africans have had to become very familiar. Although such aspects are generally too visible to be easily overlooked, there are many less impressive but equally important items that can tend to pass almost unnoticed except by security personnel.

Those smaller security items, such as the identifying labels used to distinguish visitors in the workplace or officials at a race are no less essential. Quality plastic laminates and inserts of gloss paper have become the favoured materials on which to print such details. The former, offers the advantage of rigidity and if provided with a slot or eyelet hole through which to pass a lanyard, it can be kept both safe and easily accessible to the user.

Together, these properties make them the perfect choice as a more permanent form of identification for employees of all descriptions as well as for those cards that will be issued repeatedly but temporarily to those who may be just visiting. At events where casual labour may be employed, organisers can find that both laminates and inserts have their virtues.

Where the events in question are repeated regularly or where an organiser may be responsible for multiple but similar events, the rigid plastic cards are more durable and offer the advantage that they may be reused by the next contingent of casuals. In the case of a once-off event or where the personnel requirements may differ considerably or subsequent events, a suitable holder in which a clearly printed gloss paper badge is displayed will serve to identify guides, marshals and any other temporary officials just as well. It should not be necessary to add that both of these media could also present organisers with a further opportunity – to promote their brand or that of a sponsor in parallel.

Laminates and inserts are just a small, but strategically important element among the wide range of promotional and security products that are available from IDCBand. The company operates out of offices in the West Rand and we were established in 1995. Today, we have established IDCBand as a leading supplier of these items, dealing with premier event organisers, marketers and advertisers at home, in Africa and in several overseas countries.

Quality, flexibility and delivery are the hallmarks of the IDCBand service. Whether your interest is in promotional items such as silicone wristbands, the thundersticks that are now fast replacing the much-loved Vuvuzela or in laminates and inserts you can be assured that your items have been manufactured with care and from top quality materials. While we offer most items, including the plastic ID cards, in standard sizes, we can usually accommodate our clients bespoke requirements as well.

In order to avoid disappointment, we like to be upfront and advise you with regard to the respective lead times for each of our products. That done, you can be sure we will do our level best to better them. Join the best and choose IDCBand for laminates and inserts.