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The Effective Use of Wristbands

Tips the for the effective use of access control wristbands at your event

If you’re looking to order wristbands for your event, you may want to read through our list of considerations to help you make the right decision. Once you have made your decision it’s important to adhere to certain guidelines when using a particular wristband for your event in order to ensure maximum access control and security.

Banded Wristbands

Banded Wristbands

We have a look at a few tips below:

1. Do not in any way reveal the design, colour, print or logo of your access control product before your event. This can lead to duplication and fraudulent use of wristbands, costing an event organiser thousands in unpaid tickets.

2. Make sure that the access control product for each different event vary substantially in branding and design. This eliminates the risk of using one wristband for two or more different events.

3. Make sure you use a reputable security company that you trust and has excellent references to manage the access control. Brief these security personnel as to exactly what the access control final product at your event look like as well as what dubious activity to look out for.

4. Use different colour wristbands for different levels of access at your event. This ensures that security can differentiate a golden circle ticket holder from a general admissions ticket holder very quickly.

5. It’s a good idea to use a lot of branding on your product and not just one solid colour. This is more difficult to duplicate or re-use. Full colour branded Tyvek or vinyl are therefore an excellent option.

6. Make use of the varieties of wristbands available. There are many options available including glitter vinyl, wavy edged vinyl, wide full-colour vinyl wristbands and more. Therefore try to use different options at different events in order to avoid re-use.

The above will ensure that your event runs smoothly and that wristbands for your event are used correctly and effectively.
Read more about wristband security features to further help you make the right decision.

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