May 20

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Why and Where to Buy Quality Wristbands in South Africa

An individual or an organisation may buy wristbands for a surprisingly wide range of reasons. These colourful bracelets are highly visible and, during wear, they will usually act to attract the curiosity and even the admiration and envy of friends and passers-by. As a result, they have been found ideal for a variety of applications and, in particular, for those that may be heavily dependent for their success upon ensuring a high degree of visibility.

While their prime function can usually be categorised as either related to some security requirement or as having a promotional objective, their designs are such that, over the years, they have also attained the status of a fashion symbol and many now buy wristbands purely for their visual appeal. The fact that they are also a particularly inexpensive type of jewellery item has certainly also added to their appeal, especially among the teens. Even young children are now enjoying them as they are becoming almost as common a sight at birthday parties as balloons and poppers.

Probably the one security application of these items with which most people are already familiar is the hospital identity tag. Once just a basic labelling device, some now contain an embedded chip that stores digitized, detailed patient data that can be readily accessed by doctors and nurses using tablet PCs and other mobile devices.

Others buy wristbands as a means of access control and for many of the nation’s biggest event organisers, these devices are now serving to replace the traditional admission tickets. The idea is to provide an a form of identification for attendees that cannot easily be removed and thus may be used for pass-out and re-entry purpose, without the risk that they could be passed to someone who may not have paid the admission price. For this purpose, tough and tamperproof bracelets of the synthetic material Tyvek tick all the boxes. Once fastened, they cannot be removed except with scissors so they’re perfect for multi-day events.

As well as for security, companies frequently buy wristbands today as a cost-effective medium with which to conduct certain of their promotional activities. For this purpose, the material does not need to be as durable and so even paper bracelets can prove suitable where economy may be a consideration. However, even soft silicone bracelets are inexpensive and, if of a sufficiently eye-catching appearance, they could also fill the role of a fashion item and so extend considerably the lifespan and the catchment area of a promotion.

The bands are available in a wide range of colours and patterns as well as in differing materials and with a choice of fastenings. To buy wristbands from IDCBand is a simple matter. Orders may be placed online where the various lead times are clearly shown and adhered to. One particularly useful and possibly unique feature offered on the site is a facility that enables the purchaser to create his or her own design in either Tyvek or multi-layered vinyl.

One point that is worth noting is that, even when used primarily for access control purposes, it is a sound precaution to include a logo and some relevant text as an additional security precaution when you decide to buy wristbands.