Mar 12

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Branded Wristbands

Branded Wristbands are a Versatile, Highly-Visible and Economical Promotional Tool

It seems as if branded wristbands have begun to pop up all over the place. Today, one is more than likely to run into them at movie premiers, at conferences and trade exhibitions, at pop and rock concerts, and even at a school sports day to name just a few possibilities. At these and similar events, their purpose may be to serve as a promotional tool, to provide organisers with a more secure alternative to the use of conventional admission tickets or, quite often, to deliver the combined benefits offered by each of these functions.

Among the numerous alternative products that are now available to event organisers, sponsors, advertisers marketers and employers, certain varieties of these branded wristbands are intended to be disposable and so are best suited to a specific, once off, use. By contrast, others have been made from more durable materials and to designs that result in them being better able to continue in their intended role over a correspondingly longer term.

It is convenient, however, to consider all of these products as belonging to one of two main categories on the basis of their primary function. In addition, each of these categories also consists of a range of markedly different products that may employ differing means and materials with which to achieve that function.

When used for security purposes, branded wristbands can actually serve a dual function either for the same organisation or shared with one or more additional companies. The latter practice is one now often adopted by expo organisers and in which they issue tough, tamperproof bracelets to attendees in lieu of a ticket and also levy payment from one or more exhibitors wishing to have them overprinted with text, images or both to promote their brands or products.

Another common application relating to security is seen in the use of certain varieties of these bracelets as a form of ID to be worn by hospital patients. More recently, the use of embedded microchips has resulted in branded wristbands that can be used as a means of access control.

In the mid-2000s, it was largely the ability of these devices to create awareness that was most responsible for the initial upsurge in interest and the subsequent steady increase in demand for these products. This same property is one that is still leveraged extensively today. Widely seen as fashion items, particularly among younger consumers they have become a common sight among the vast array of merchandise now used to promote the release of many a major movie as well as to retain the interest of fans until the completion of a sequel.

In this and in similar roles, branded wristbands, in a variety of materials and fastenings, from PVC straps with press studs to flexible silicone bands and the quick wraparound action of the internally-sprung slapperbands can each serve the needs of the advertiser. Even paper disposables can prove to be perfect for short-term promos such as highlighting a fast food or beverage concession.

In summary, these products provide a powerful, yet refreshingly inexpensive promotional tool with a wide choice of designs that are customisable to meet each client’s unique needs. To ensure the most effective choice, consult IDCBand whenever you purchase branded wristbands.